arab world

Arab world countries are also known as Arab nation or Arab states. It includes all Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Yemen and other Arabic countries. Nation of these countries speaks the Arabic language. It includes all 22 Arabic speaking countries. Arab states occupy the Atlantic Ocean in the west and the Arabian Sea in the east. In the sides of north and south, Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean are located respectively. These Arab states have combined population of around 422 million people.

The Arab world is growing every year. It has various growing factors such as economic factor, political factors, and cultural development. We describe growth factors in this article.

Economic factor

Arab countries include a region which is economically diverse. They include common heritage. Per capita income of people in countries varies significantly. There is a sharp increase in oil prices in this region and wealth is created by this factor. Sharp increase in oil prices was indicated during the 1970s. As far as concern is about trade, it is growing immensely during previous years. A strong increase in GDP is analyzed which lead to the improvement in the living standard of people. This region is best known for its largest production of oil and exporting oil to other countries in the world. It is a strong factor of growth in the economy of Arab states.

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Educational factor

There is a non-compulsory trend for the higher education in these countries. But with the passage of time, there is observed a substantial growth in Arab education in quantitative terms. Education trend, especially for females, is increasing. Higher enrollment and other indicators for increasing education trend are estimated during recent years. Arab students have the opportunity to choose among different educational systems in their countries. The quality of education has been raised for students. There is taking a larger revolution in the traditional learning for higher education of students.

Religion factor

The majority of people in the Arab world are attached to the religion of Islam. Their norms and culture are representing Islam. This religion has official status in this region. Their strict adherence to this religion leads them to promote their culture across the world. It is a factor of growth of Arab countries in the world.

Arab culture

The Strong building of cultural aspects is observed in Arab countries. Regional development is ensured through heritage centres and museums. Art and culture of Arab countries are represented in museums of these countries. Huge events are held in Arab countries for the development.

So, the Arab world is growing each year due to strong development in certain factors such as education, economy and culture development. A major factor of growth of countries is the economy. It includes all 22 Arab countries. These countries have collaborated with each other for the purpose of growth and development. Also, these are undergone in agreements with other countries in the world for exporting and infrastructure development. It is the reason for the growth of countries each year.