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Most people are present and active on more than one single social media platform. But if you are trying to stick to one only and figure out which one to choose, making a choice can be really difficult and confusing, as each social media platform obviously has something to give you. Moreover, the features that you like in one specific network may be unavailable on another and vice versa, which makes it even tougher to decide.

But when it comes to choosing between Snapchat and Instagram, it becomes really easy. In fact, Snapchat is definitely the winner. Here is why:

  • Snapchat is the best way to reach out to the younger audiences. As it is the generation Z’s favorite, a huge majority of teenagers have a Snapchat account. Instagram, on the contrary, is sort of struggling to get the same level of popularity amongst the youth even though it has a number of users that is way larger than Snapchat.
  • buy Instagram likesSnapchat users, on average, are more into Snapchat than Instagram users are into Instagram. Snapchat has 187 million daily active users. That is about half the users Instagram has. But these users spend a considerable amount of time on the application (about half an hour per day), watch over 10 billion videos and share 3.5 billion snaps each day. On average, a Snapchat user opens the application 25 times a day!
  • Snapchat’s being a little less accessible to the “masses” makes it even more attractive, actually. Snapchat has plenty of cool features (most of which have been copied by Instagram, by the way), but these are not always easy to access to because Snapchat may seem a little confusing when you are a beginner. But this also means that once people, celebrities or brands have been able to get used to it, they are automatically considered to be “cool” and get instant acceptance…
  • Snapchat is for spontaneous, natural people who like to take it easy. No need to overdo it. Unlike Instagram, where people only share perfect looking content, Snapchat is more of a spontaneous thing. Every picture shared does not need to look perfect from every angle.
  • Snapchat is fun. Snapchat allos users, celebrities and brands to be original and add a touch of humour in the way they connect to their followers.
  • Ads have more visibility on Snapchat. This is a considerable advantage for brands and celebrities that want some promotion. On Instagram now user can buy active Instagram followers, users do not encounter ads as often, because they are already more likely to be following a lot of brands. On Snapchat, seeing ads will not annoy users, as the app itself does not revolve around brand promotion (although Snapchat can be used as an effective tool by brands to promote themselves as well).

In short, Snapchat is more people-oriented and less commercial. This means that timelines give more exposure to friends than brands (especially after the new layout). Snapchat encourages one-on-one contact between users and keeping in touch is more important than just impressing others with perfect-looking over-edited pictures.